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Integrate social media into your risk management plan

The speed and ease with which information—perhaps damaging—can now be disseminated on social media is alarming. Those factors present risks to your reputation, your brand, and even your health as an organization.But buy youtube views they’re not just outside threats… no BYOD policy in the world can prevent social media from coming in to the organization on personal devices—or information from going out.That’s why it’s important to make room for social media in any risk management plan. You’re not an ostrich—putting your head in the sand won’t make the problem go away.Blocking access to social media sites in 2015 is a fool’s game. Many organizations still try to do so out of security or productivity concerns—alienating employees in the process, and ironically driving them to increased use on personal devices. (Not to mention preventing departments with a more legitimate need for social media access from doing their jobs.)A more appropriate approach? Develop a policy that outlines how employees and contractors should use social media—and particularly when it comes to company information. Then communicate that policy far and wide across the organization to set expectations for acceptable use.We looked at social media monitoring at length in the first post in this series, but the takeaway bears repeating: monitoring social media helps you track what the public and your employees are saying about you, and helps you keep an eye on emerging risks. The importance of monitoring can’t be understated.

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Follow influencers for job leads

Even if you’re not actively looking for a job right now, you might be a prime “passive recruit” who would leave your job for the right opportunity. If you have dreams of working for a certain company, follow them and any of buy youtube subscribers their hiring managers. Follow leaders in your industry to get the inside scoop.There are all kinds of subtleties to direct messaging (DMing) depending on the platform, but of course one of the most popular sites is Facebook. However, if you’re not already connected to a company or hiring manager, your message will go into their “Other” folder instead of their Facebook inbox. Notifications are not sent for “Other” folder messages, and many people never check them.You can pay $1 to get your message to someone’s Facebook inbox, or you can send a friend request to establish a connection first. Save your $1 DMs for the jobs you really want and otherwise find a way to connect that will actually snag their attention.You never know who might have a connection to your dream job. If you’re on the job hunt, there’s no harm in asking for tips or recommendations on social media. Maybe your cousin’s friend’s brother-in-law is actually hiring for the position you’ve always wanted.

Critical Steps For Creating A Profitable Online Business

If you had asked me about making money online four years ago, I would have called you a liar. I was a blue-collar worker who never touched computers.I woke up every day at midnight to deliver bread to grocery stores. I buy youtube video favorites hated my job; I hated my life, but I didn’t know how to escape.In 2011, I started listening to podcasts. I found Pat Flynn and got excited about the idea of creating a location-independent online business. I studied any information I could get my hands on. What I found got me far, but I decided that investing in a course from a well-known marketer would help me reach the next level.I was sadly disappointed. The course was $697, which was a HUGE investment for me at the time. We were living paycheck-to-paycheck. There were a few good tidbits, but overall the course was designed to up sell students on the marketers “elite” program.That experience taught me a valuable lesson and forced me to learn these four steps to creating a profitable online business. Use these strategies to create freedom in your “work” and give you the flexibility to spend your time on the things that are important to you.


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